Esther Dockery  R.A. Leed AP

Esther Dockery is a registered architect and Leed Accredited Professional who has a passion for simple, yet rich design, uncompromised function and an insatiable curiosity for technological advance. Esther believes that successful design stems from a pragmatic approach to real-life constraints and the ambition to create something special, relevant, and beautiful.
As a founding partner of NBO4 Architecture, Esther leads the studio's design efforts and architectural execution. She has vast experience in the residential sector, both multi- and single family.
Born and raised in Germany, Esther received her Bachelor of Architecture from the University of Miami and her Master in Architecture and Urban Design from Cornell University. She has previously worked in the offices of Michael Graves, SPaN, and Dieboll Architects where she was exposed to a diversity of project types. Esther is also the proud mother of two energetic young boys and lives with her family in Brooklyn, NY.